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Helen Lindes finalizing the details with Rosa Clará
26 May 2015

Helen Lindes finalizing the details with Rosa Clará

As you know, last week we had a very special visitor at the Rosa Clará Showroom. The gorgeous Helen Lindes came to see Rosa Clará to finalize the details of her dress. It won’t be long now till we get to see her in her finished gown!

While Rosa Clará was advising Helen, we had the opportunity to take some photos. It was really exciting to see our designer in action, so we improvised a shoot. We hope you enjoy seeing it as much as we enjoyed putting it together for you!

Helen is delightful and always has a smile on her face… The truth is that everything she tried on looked amazing on her! Our designer kept saying over and over again that everything looked fantastic. It was hard for her to make up her mind!

This design is from the 2016 collection. It appeared on the catwalk on May 5th! Soon all of the designs will be up on our site so you can set up an appointment and go try them on. Do you like this sheer back with a tattoo effect and buttons?

Once you have the dress on it’s really important to move around the dressing room to see if you feel comfortable, and to see how the skirt moves… In this shot Rosa Clará was advising Helen what to do to be sure this was really the dress for her. You can watch the video on her Instagram HERE. Will this be the one?

Rosa Clará showed her lots of different dresses, fabrics and veils to try on. She believes a bride should try all kinds of dresses and fabrics until she finds the dress that’s really her. You’ve got to keep an open mind to all kinds of styles!

Bella, her dog, didn’t want to miss a thing and paid close attention during the fitting. She’s going to surprise us with her look on the wedding day, too!

Afterwards, they both went to the workshop to choose fabrics, and Rosa Clará showed her where all the company’s dresses are made. The whole modeling team was thrilled to meet Helen! There was also time to take a look at the latest catwalk photos published in the magazines. Both of them revealed which ones were their favorite designs!

Rosa was really happy with the result and said goodbye to Helen and her companions.


Did you like getting a peek at a day in the life of Rosa Clará? What other settings would you like to see her in?

We hope you enjoyed it!