Rosa Clará First presents First Communion and bridesmaid dresses. With the same excellence in the design and dressmaking as wedding dresses, as well as cocktail looks and dresses, for ceremonies and special occasions, by the brand: choices range from traditional First Communion attire to contemporary designs; thus, there is something for everyone.

All the dresses featured in the Rosa Clará First collection are tailored with exclusive fabrics, ranging form the likes of silk and embroidered tulle. In all cases, beauty is blended with romanticism, thus, achieving exquisite models. Painstaking finesses is expressed in each seam of the attire! Our flagship brand of bridal fashion also imposes its world of femininity and elegance in children's fashion.

Both the Rosa Clará First Communion and bridesmaid outfits are built on meticulously crafted styling that brings out the young protagonists' inner beauty. The following are deemed signs of Rosa Clará First: several shades of white ranging from natural shades to ivory; short sleeves and sleeves to the elbow –not being deemed French cut–, in most cases finished at the tip, lending the piece added refinement; round necklines and crew necks, in lockstep with elegant square necklines; waistlines with hand-sewn floral detailing –which can be combined with hair ornaments or tiaras, opting for a harmonious total look–, and structured sashes or elegant backs enhanced with pearl button panels, and unique looks with added brilliance that is lent by generous bows.

Classic First Communion dresses

Among our classic-cut First Communion dresses, empire waists feature prominently, which can include tailoring with fine-basket-weave silk pin tucks and plain bodices in structured fabrics with hand-stitched lace appliqués. Freshness and refinement define the brand's dresses designed for the little stars to celebrate their First Communion.

Vintage First Communion dresses

Among our contemporary designs, our vintage-style First Communion dresses are a standout option. the mainly feature empire waists, tailored in silk chiffon or tulle with embroidery, and their dazzling layering creates an effect that evokes the looks of years past.

Romantic First Communion dresses

Our romantic-style gowns will not go unnoticed either. With a more intense sense of fantasy than the other lines, they're made of exquisite dot tulle and feature majestic bows and contrasting fabrics in muted tones.

Rosa Clará bridesmaid dresses

Our bridesmaid dresses for the bride's youngest attendants create a real air of distinction. The care put into every stitch of Rosa Clará bridesmaid dress is absolutely palpable!

Rosa Clará first experience!

Request an appointment at one of our stores and discover the wonderful collection of First Communion dresses, Rosa Clará First. You are guaranteed success when choosing among our line of First Communion and bridesmaid dresses! You can find your nearest Rosa Clará point of sale in our store finder.