The 2023 Rosa Clará wedding dress collections reflect the change in bridal fashion. True to the minimalist and elegant style, the designer leads the new paradigm away from excessive ornamentation.

Under the slogan "Blooming love", Rosa Clará Couture, Rosa Clará, Rosa Clará Gatsby, Rosa Clará Soft and Rosa Clará Boheme are the company's bridal inspiration lines for 2023: collections that highlight pure line looks, as well as the preference for plain fabrics and contemporary designs that give the bride a new look.

2023 Rosa Clará Couture wedding dresses

The firm's haute couture collection was designed with the contemporary woman in mind. 2023 Rosa Clará Couture features midi dresses with unique apices, and strapless necklines that can be combined with delicate and innovative removable neck wraps or puffed sleeves. Thanks to the multi-look trend that this is part of, the bride can wear two different styles at the ceremony and at the wedding party.

For its part, Couture's iconic crepe dresses are revamped and acquire a more youthful air thanks to strategic cuts in the waistlines, straight silhouettes, smooth crepe drapings, asymmetric or square necklines and sensual slits on the skirts. And, for the most fashionable brides, they can be worn in combination with overskirts of the same fabric, or in georgette.

Hellenic inspiration also contributes as a reference for designing and making haute couture dresses. It is reinterpreted with highly delicate, hand-pleated muslin silk dresses that come with on-trend details such as plaited embellishments and straps, and low-cut backs.

2023 Rosa Clará wedding dresses

Rosa Clará 2023 is a line of dresses for brides that has a simple appearance and is predominantly made with plain fabrics. These include elastic crepe and diverse fabrics, such as those that define the most sensual mermaid wedding dresses with strapless necklines and spectacular lace finishes. You can also show them off with tulle layers with appliqué or sleeves such as those in Rosa Clará Couture.

And, as usual, the collection once again offers princess wedding dresses; and on this occasion they are lighter, and have tulle skirts with a more restrained volume.

2023 Rosa Clará Soft wedding dresses

The 2023 Rosa Clará Soft bride wears lace wedding dresses with relief and subtle micro-embroidery, and suggestive stretch crepe skirts that shape the siluehette. Brides who wear the Soft collection also make bold statements through touches of colour that the firm introduces through designs made in tulle and dot tulle. At the same time, they find magic in the most ethereal looks, looks made with muss - a fabric with movement that is both light and gives shape to structured patterns. They dresses have openings in the skirts and neckline that are combined with openwork appliques. Combining romance and the latest fashion!

2023 Rosa Clará Boheme wedding dresses

Boheme 2023 stands out for the purity of lines in its uniquely detailed straight or A-line wedding dresses, made of georgette and crepe. Boho chic and pleated-silk muslin wedding dresses express romance. A new addition to the brand's most bohemian collection is the show-stopping strapless-lace mermaid-style dresses featuring geometric and floral motifs in guipure lace with relief, or large medallion lace details. And the most sophisticated version can be found in the A-line wedding dresses with bodices in provincial lace or micro-embroidery: enchantingly elegant and delicate.

2023 Rosa Clará Gatsby wedding dresses

"Luxury" would be the word that best defines the 2023 Gatsby collection. Sparkly wedding dresses with a one-of-a-kind brilliance, made with hand-stitched crystals and appliques such as sequins, and finishing with metallic threads... An Art Deco-inspired collection revamped with square-neckline looks, openback wedding dresses with rounded back or V necklines. These outfits are fitted to the sexiest of bodies and distinguished by their workmanship - a nod to the flamboyance of the Golden 20s!

Be a Rosa Clará bride and wear a unique, quality design! Request an appointment and discover the 2023 offerings up close.