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Rosa Clará’s charity work recognised at the Starlite Gala
9 August 2021

Rosa Clará’s charity work recognised at the Starlite Gala

The designer Rosa Clará was honoured for her charity work by the Starlite Foundation at the 12th edition of the Starlite Gala, which was held yesterday, Sunday, 8 August, in Marbella (Spain), and which recognises the social work of public figures with a strong social commitment who, through their influence and media power, actively help the most underprivileged.

Rosa Clará was recognized for her discreet collaboration and constant involvement with multiple charitable causes, and for her devotion to society through her collaboration with different organisations that are working to provide opportunities for children and empower vulnerable women around the world. Rosa was thankful for the award “especially to the Starlite Foundation and its hosts, Sandra García-SanJuán and Antonio Banderas, and congratulated them for all these years of continued success and for all their excellent charitable work for society“.

Another award at this year’s Gala was presented to businesswoman Paloma Cuevas, with whom Rosa is collaborating to create a special collection of cocktail dresses, Paloma Cuevas by Rosa Clará. The collection will be available internationally in early 2022, and both took advantage of the opportunity to premiere two designs from the collection. Rosa Clará wore a crepe black evening dress with a halter neckline and turquoise beadwork around the neck. Paloma Cuevas opted for a white silk muslin cocktail dress with beadwork around the neck and waist. She rounded out the look with a cape, also made of silk muslin.

Other attendees at the Gala also wanted to showcase dresses from the Rosa Clará Group. The actress and presenter Carolina Cerezuela went for a black beadwork dress.

Sonia González, Juan Peña’s partner, opted for a purple silk crepe dress with embellished shoulders; presenter Elsa Anka wore a halter neckline, printed brocade open back gown.