Winter weddings: Little Christmas touches
30 December 2014

Winter weddings: Little Christmas touches

We are going to finish the month with an inspiration for a winter wonderland wedding. They’re just as delightful as a summer and spring wedding ,however, we think you’d all agree with us when we say there’s also something magical about a winter wedding.  If you are thinking about getting married around Christmas time, today we’re sharing some ideas filled with the Christmas spirit. We promise it’ll be fun! 

Put a chic finishing touch to your wedding tables with wreath place cards. All you need are a few simple supplies and a bit of patience to bring the holiday spirit to your big day.

Let your centerpieces embody the cozy kind of love with winter centerpieces made with pinecones and dry sticks. Add a few candles to warm the hearts of all those around you.

Reference the season with funny place cards made of candy canes! You can buy candy canes and you will have the children entertained.

Boutonnieres with typical Christmas flowers, your guest will talk about this original detail.

If you’re the DIY kind of gal you can do this original card place. You just have to get some big leaves, buy gold spray and a good pen.

Your guests will have good memories of the wedding! And you could also frame a few for good memories!

Lastly, you can choose a winter floral decoration in pale tones, whites and light browns. It’s too elegant!