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5 reasons to choose a mermaid wedding dress
19 April 2021

5 reasons to choose a mermaid wedding dress

Designed to enhance feminine curves, mermaid wedding dresses are a favorite among women looking to make the most of their figure. Hugging the body down to the hips, they splay out at thigh level creating a curvy, sensual look. This style of dress needs to be tried on to see the effect, so if you are thinking about a design like this for your wedding, check the shop finder to book an appointment and discover firsthand the wide variety of mermaid wedding dresses available at Rosa Clará.

If you’re on the fence, however, read on for five good reasons to give the mermaid dress a chance and at least try one on in-store:

  1. Flattering

Even if you think it’s not for everyone, this silhouette is flattering on any type of figure. The key is to get the perfect fit and at Rosa Clará we’re experts at that, we know the woman’s body well, and we work to enhance it with bespoke designs. If you have curves, you can showcase them and you can choose from designs that are not too clingy to others that will hug your figure to the max. If you have a straighter body shape, it’s a matter of playing with the neckline, skirt, and proportions to get the coveted hourglass effect.

  1. Unique and unforgettable look

More sensual than the boho chic wedding dresses or the timeless with a hint of classical A-line wedding dresses, this type of wedding dress will guarantee a unique and unforgettable look because it brings out the best in the woman who wears it. With a mermaid style, you can’t be eclipsed by your dress because they are designed to enhance both your figure and your essence.

  1. Versatile

Mermaid dresses come in all styles. It is true that this is a fundamentally sensual look, but at Rosa Clará we create a host of different versions: Super sexy with open back dresses encrusted with rhinestones; romantic with beautiful floral lace; delicate and feminine with a heart neckline and tulle details; boho and sophisticated with crepe and guipure details… Discover the complete 2021 wedding dress collection to choose the one that’s best suited to you.

  1. Rich in special details

Not as striking as the princess wedding dresses, mermaid wedding dresses stand out because of the multitude of details they feature, making them truly special, especially when seen up close. That’s why it’s so important that you visit our stores to see and feel them in person; only then will you discover the sheer quality of the fabrics and their beautiful details. A good example are the lace wedding dresses in this silhouette, with a great delicacy and sensuality that you can really only appreciate if you try it.

  1. You’ll be spectacular

Whatever wedding dress you choose, you’re sure to leave your partner speechless as soon as they lay eyes on you. But if you decide on a mermaid style, you’re going to make a big impact. That’s the power of this type of dress, with that special Old Hollywood charm, presenting a very feminine silhouette that we don’t usually show on any other special occasion, even in party dresses.

Still not convinced? Book an appointment, check out our collections and now you’re sure to see mermaid wedding dresses in another light. You’re going to want to try them on. A promise from Rosa Clará.