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Monica Sors the author of Mes Voyages à Paris, a special Rosa Clará bride
13 February 2016

Monica Sors the author of Mes Voyages à Paris, a special Rosa Clará bride

Monica Sors, author of Blog Mes Voyages à Paris (@mesvoyagesaparis) always pictured her wedding dress as one from a fairytale. Which is why she only trusted Rosa Clará to design her dream gown. As she explained on her blog, she wanted to actively participate in the process and create a few details to further personalize “her dress”…and she did! She mixed different styles to create a luxurious look. Do you want to see it?

Which church was the ceremony in? Santa María Reina, Pedralbes, Barcelona.

Where did you get ready for the big day? At Masia Ribas in Gavá.

How and where did you find your Rosa Clará dress? After many hours, days and months on the Internet and Pinterest (because I lived in the Caribbean and had nowhere close by where I could try dresses on), I landed in Barcelona with my head full of ideas but still not really convinced because I wasn’t sure I’d ever find that perfect mix. But, thanks to the WONDERFUL Rosa Clará team, we created the ideal combination. What’s more, I loved the care, professionalism and magic they put into the whole process. I’ll never forget those moments! I was even lucky enough to have Tina and Blanca come and dress me on the big day, so they were there by my side right from the first fitting through to me saying ‘I do’ at the altar. I really treasure those memories!

What made you choose this model? Was it the dress you’d always dreamed of? Once I finally saw what I looked like in my wedding dress, I can tell you it was. Looking at the shots of me from behind, I can see that we really did create the dress of my dreams. To tell the truth, everything exceeded my wildest expectations. I never imagined I’d choose this fabric, but I think that’s the key to why this dress nails rustic vintage and doesn’t look overly sweet. For me, it struck the perfect balance between the princess, vintage and alternative looks. And, above all, it was a romantic look!

Did you change anything on your dress, or did you stick with the original Rosa Clará design? I made a few small alterations! I lowered the neckline at the back (I love open backs!), I added a little cropped guipure lace jacket—which looks stunning and which I wore on the way to the church—and I changed the belt to match my headband. I also wore the petticoat they wear on the catwalk, which made the skirt look even better, if that’s possible!

What style of veil did you choose? Where did you get it? It was a tulle one, also by Rosa Clará. The veil was one thing I’d already made up my mind about and I also knew how I wanted it to sit to keep that vintage look. What’s more, I wanted to set it off with a bit of gold and, in the end, I found just what I was looking for at India Tiaras y Tocados. They customized one of their star headbands for me—one with little gold and pale pink flowers, because our wedding colors were pale pink and gold—and we made a belt to match. I think adding that personal touch to the gown was a great choice, because it made it even more me.

What accessories did you choose? What shoes, jewelry, etc.? My main shoes were a gift from my sister, and they weren’t traditional wedding ones. I wore a pale pink pair of Yves Saint Laurent’s mythical Tribute sandals, which matched the wedding color scheme and my bouquet. For the reception, I changed into a pair of Rosa Clará esparto wedges. My only jewelry was my engagement ring, a classic Tiffany setting, and my wedding ring, a band of brilliant-cut diamonds.

What flowers did you put in the bouquet? And who did you give it to? My bouquet was totally what I had in mind and was an incredible creation by Pedro Navarro. It had English roses, garden roses, Coral Sunset peonies, eucalyptus branches and bamboo stalks. We made the handle from a remnant of 1920s silk I bought in an antique shop in Paris. I had to have something from Paris!!  I gave it to my sister, no hesitation at all.

Which moments do you remember most? I have to say, I remember each and every one of them. But here are the six that were most special to me: the meetings with Bodas de Cuento, our wedding planners, who lived up to their name and helped us create a fairytale wedding; getting ready in the morning at the Masia Ribas estate (it was a great decision to do it there, because I loved seeing all the preparations and I didn’t feel any stress, just a sense of peace; when our friend Miguel Ángel gave me the bouquet and read the poem; when the first notes of Ave Maria by Beyoncé played as I entered the church on the best man’s arm and saw Alberto’s face as he waited for me at the altar; my sister’s speech at the reception; and when they brought out a huge birthday cake for me that, just like the wedding cake, was created by Victoria’s Cakes

Any tips for brides-to-be? With the dress, try on lots and lots and then let the idea take shape till you can see how you’ll look on the big day. Take the setting, the style of your wedding and your figure into full account. Look for something that ties everything together. In my case, that was rustic vintage style with a few regal touches and everything in pale pink and gold tones, apart from the white dress, of course! With the wedding as a whole, work with a wedding planner. You gain enormous peace of mind because organizing a wedding is an unbelievable amount of work. Even with help, it’s still a huge task, particularly if, like me, you want to get every last detail just right! Enjoy the whole experience with your husband-to-be and don’t get too stressed about anything. Remember, only the bride and groom will see the hiccups, the guests won’t even notice. Everything always works out perfectly in the end. And the bride is always the belle of the ball!

Who took the photos? Joseba Sandoval and Mar Sandoval from Romance Weddings.


Bride: Mónica Sors (Mes Voyages à Paris)

Wedding planning and organization: Bodas de Cuento

Wedding design: Mónica Sors and Bodas de Cuento.

Photography: Joseba Sandoval

The two wedding dresses: Rosa Clará

Bride’s headband and belt: India Tiaras y Tocados

Bride’s sister’s dress: Rosa Clará

Organization and coordination: Bodas de Cuento

Flower design: Pedro Navarro

Video: Basílico Studio

Venue: Masia Ribas

Catering: Le Chef