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Rosa Clará celebrates love!
14 February 2020

Rosa Clará celebrates love!

The renowned international wedding dresses brand – which celebrates 25 years from its origins – pays tribute to Valentine’s Day with an emotional video with Laura Escanes, Alex Rivière and Emelie Lindmark (better known as Emitaz) as protagonists. During one of their visits to our atelier in Barcelona, the three friends of the brand have talked about their concept of love and have revealed to us some of their best sentimental secrets.

We talked with our Rosa Clará girls and asked them about the most magical and affectionate feeling: LOVE.

What does love mean to you?

Although it seems to be an easy question to answer, not everyone is able to define it…  “For me, love means confidence, fun, affection, family… it’s sharing everything”, Alex told us.  And meanwhile Emilie declared: “For me love is when you always lift each other up, to say it short it’s when you’re in love with your best friend”.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve done for love?

“If you can’t remember the stupidest little thing love made you do, you haven’t loved”, Shakespeare quoted. So, we asked them about the craziest things for love. The answers? “Taking a train or a taxi in the early morning, only to see that person!”, Laura explained to us. And she added: “I am a very impulsive person, if something comes to my mind, I go for it”. On the other hand, Alex confessed having gone on a trip with her current boyfriend only two weeks after they met.

Do we only show love on certain dates?

According to Emelie, we always have to show each other love but, on this day, we have to give a little bit extra and put a little bit of extra effort. Laura also shared Emelie’s opinion and expressed that facts also matter on a relationship: “Knowing the other person is there for you… is everything to me”.

Do you want to keep discovering more love confessions of our girls? Do not miss out the entire video!

So, Laura Escanes – who celebrated her wedding day wearing an exclusive Rosa Clará princess wedding dress and who shined with a lace wedding dress, in the party after their marriage -, together with Alex Rivière and Emitaz – who usually choose long party dresses for the events and most special occasions they attend to – they also agreed that love has no limits.

Share your opinion and tell us your most special love confessions! Discover our best cocktail dresses selection and shine on your biggest events. Celebrate love with us!