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Rosa Clará Fashion Show 2017
29 April 2016

Rosa Clará Fashion Show 2017

Hello Ladies!

Now we are more relaxed and we bring you the highlights from the show where we presented the new Rosa Clará 2017 collection. Here we go!

On Monday April 25th, we gathered all press in our headquarters’ office in Barcelona to capture all the details from Alexis Ren and Jay Alvarrez fitting, the trendy couple in social media. They are adorable! For those who don’t really know what a fitting is about; don’t worry we will explain it. It is the moment where all the models try on every dress from the collection and we decide who wears what on the runway. It is hard to pick since they all look stunning in every dress!

The following day the big day arrived, the presentation of the new Rosa Clará 2017 collection! Like every year, Rosa Clará opened up Barcelona Bridal Week and the result was impeccable. We are very happy with the feedback from this new collection!

There were a lot of guests, the room was packed since it was a show with a lot of expectation, and the designer is always surprising us! Among the guests there were a few famous celebrities such as; Antonella Rocuzzo, Leo Messi’s wife and Daniella Semaan, Cesc Fábregas girlfriend. They are big fans of Rosa Clará and did not want to miss the presentation for a thing!

Isabel Jiménez, Julio Benítez girlfriend and Melissa Jiménez, Marc Bartra’s girlfriend looked very stunning wearing Rosa Clará. Eugenia Silva looked stunning wearing a dress from the new cocktail collection, and Dani Alves very focused on the runway. His girl Joana Sanz was closing the show! Isabel Jiménez, Sara Verdasco, Fernando Verdasco’s sister, and Mireia Lalaguna, Miss World 2015. Melissa Jiménez, Romarey Ventura, Jordi Alba’s girlfriend and Carol Martín, Pedro Rodríguez’ wife.

After every guest was seated… The show begun! There were a lot of new trends during the runway, tulipan bowties, metallic Chantilly, Valenciennes lace… Here are some photos! If you would love to see more exclusive photos follow us on Instagram @rosa_clara

We hope you loved it just as much as we loved getting it all together for you!