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Rosa Clará reopens its wedding dress stores
8 May 2020

Rosa Clará reopens its wedding dress stores

We are very excited! The countdown has begun to all our Rosa Clará future brides and guests being able to dream once more of all our wedding dresses and evening gowns. And, of course, of finding the perfect accessories to their bridal look or cocktail dress, of the bridal shoes to carry them up the aisle, and of the stylish bag that will be the perfect addition to the outfit at the next event.

At last, we at Rosa Clará can tell you that, at the beginning of May, under the slogan #RosaClaraWithYou, we activated our store reopening plan in some countries like Spain, Portugal, France, Germany and the city of Dubai. In order to guarantee the peace of mind and the safety of all our customers and our teams, we have implemented a new safety and hygiene protocol at all our points of sale.

  1. Completely clean garments and spaces

Before opening and when permitted by the authorities, we will thoroughly disinfect all our stores. This essential task will be carried out repeatedly by our personnel. s

Furthermore, the meticulous crafting processes for our wedding, party and communion gowns will be subject to strict quality and hygiene control, applied from our workshop to the points of sale, and without forgetting the logistics centre. It will also extend to all our accessories, such as veils, shoes or bridal hair ornaments, to offer maximum peace of mind and safety to our brides.

  1. Basic hygiene and safety measures

Store personnel will have their temperatures taken every day and the same will be done for customers before entering the stores. If their temperatures read above 37.4 degrees, the appointment will be rescheduled. The use of masks and gloves by our staff will be obligatory and the recommended minimum safety distance must be respected. In addition, there will also be antiseptic hand gels available at the entrance, tills and changing rooms. These areas are considered “sensitive”, and they will be disinfected continually to avoid any risks.

  1. Recommendations and new rules for coexistence

Rosa Clará will recommend its customers use masks and gloves during their visit and that they make any payments by credit card or bank transfer. As usual, the capacity of our stores will be monitored, and there will be a limit of one companion per customer to avoid contact between people and ensure their safety. However, we will set up a Wi-Fi network in our establishments so that every customer can share their experience through video call with their closest friends. It will be easy to share the moment you slip into that simple wedding dress you have been dreaming about, or that classic princess wedding dress worthy of a fairy tale!

Our appointment service will make more sense than ever, continuing to offer personalised treatment and attention to detail, with all the safety guarantees.  You can now request an appointment at your nearest store to resolve or ask any other questions.

*These general measures are adapted to the regulations of each country and region, and they will be implemented as soon as the stores are allowed to open. Our main goal with these measures is to look after our brides and make your Rosa Clará experience magical and unforgettable, as well as safe.

Learn more about the new safety measures through the #RosaClaraWithYou section on our website.

You will be able to discover our latest collections of wedding dresses and evening gowns very soon. Check your nearest point of sale now in our store finder and request an appointment.

We look forward to seeing you!