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The sentimental wedding of Melissa Jimenez and Marc Bartra
12 September 2017

The sentimental wedding of Melissa Jimenez and Marc Bartra

We are back for another week! This time, we remember the wedding of the journalist Melissa Jiménez and the soccer player Marc Bartra that took place on June 18 at the stately home of Bell Recó. Everyone who was there agreed that it was one of the most emotional weddings they had attended in recent years. It was a magical day and everything went perfectly thanks to the wedding planner Sophie Kors.

She looked stunning with her 3 wedding dresses and did not stop smiling on one of the most special days of her life. Do you want us to go over her looks? Lets go!

The pre-wedding party was held the day before the ceremony. The couple gathered their closest guests to share the moments before the wedding day with them and all had a great time. For the occasion, Melissa chose a wedding dress made in guipur over tulle with a V-neckline and a sensual slit in the skirt. A comfortable yet elegant look! For those who are looking for a more easy-going look for the party, the PANAL dress from the Rosa Clara 2018 collection can be a perfect option

For the day of the wedding, Melissa opted for an exclusive creation of the designer. Melissa was clear about what she wanted, and Rosa Clara understood it perfectly from the first moment so it was easy to design the dress she had always imagined. It was a dress in which a suggestive and delicate french lace bodice hand embroidered in rhinestones was combined with a diaphanous skirt for which 40 meters of silk tulle were used. The look was completed with a subtle and delicate veil that was 3 meters long also made in silk tulle and finished with a wave of the same lace as the dress bodice.

And the third look was the sexiest! Melissa chose a very sensual and feminine dress in which lace was the key feature with a spectacular sweetheart neckline, front opening and a suggestive back

She looked beautiful in all three styles, but which one did you like the most? Has reading this post brought to your mind the idea of wearing a second dress for the party? It is inevitable! If you want to see some comfortable and light designs you can click HERE.


Pictures: HOLA, Bekia e Instagram.