Rosa Clará First presents its enchanting range of first communion dresses and bridesmaids’ dresses for the bride and groom's wedding party. At the heart of the range you’ll find the same exquisite design and tailoring that defines the fashion house's wedding dresses, cocktail dressesand formal looks for ceremonies and special occasions. Catering to all tastes, the range encompasses styles from traditional communion outfits to more modern designs.

Each and every dress in the Rosa Clará First collection has been crafted from a selection of exclusive fabrics including silk and embroidered tulle. And when beauty and romance come together in perfect harmony like this, the results are always exquisite. Every little stitch is the sheer epitome of elegance. The collection brings our iconic bridal fashion brand’s world of femininity and elegance to children's fashions.

Rosa Clará first communion outfits and bridesmaids’ dresses show our strong commitment to defined lines and attention to detail, bringing out the natural beauty of our little girls. The hallmarks of our Rosa Clará First collection are: the stunning range of whites available, from natural to ivory; short sleeves and elbow-length sleeve options (not forgetting three-quarter styles), all with meticulously-crafted finishes to add an extra dose of sophistication; round or crew necklines, as well as elegant square necklines; waists accented by hand-stitched floral details that work perfectly with hair ornaments or headbands: an exquisite, perfectly-coordinated look; structured sashes and refined backs with delightful sets of pearlescent buttons; and unique, show-stopping bows.

Classic first communion dresses

Higher waistlines and empire line styles are the defining silhouettes of our classic first communion dresses, with fine silk pin-tuck pleats or plainer bodices in textured fabrics, accented by hand-stitched lace appliqués. All with originality and sophistication at the fore: the brand has designed these dresses for little girls to revel in their moment taking center stage at their first communion.

Vintage first communion dresses

Some of the most current trends we’re seeing in first communion dresses give a nod to vintage style. Mainly empire line styles, these are crafted from embroidered silk or tulle chiffon and feature characteristic tiered layers of fabric at different lengths, evoking the fashions of years passed.

Romantic first communion dresses

Our more romantic-look dresses are also sure to impress. These are altogether more fanciful, with delicate detailing in dot tulle, majestic bows and striking contrast fabrics in powdery hues.

Rosa Clará bridesmaids’ dresses

Our bridesmaid or flower girls dresses are specially made for the littlest members of your wedding party, and will bring your chosen wedding look together. In short, the detailing on Rosa Clará bridesmaids’ dresses simply breathes the tenderness of youth.

Your first Rosa Clará experience!

Make a reservation at one of our stores and discover our stunning collection of Rosa Clará First first communion dresses. Take your pick from our first communion and bridesmaid dress line and success comes guaranteed! Use our store finder and find your nearest Rosa Clará retailer.