Sewing the Future

A heartfelt and fitting tribute to the so-called “petites mains” of haute couture who, on this occasion, step out from behind the scenes to gain a well-deserved place in the limelight.


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Today, 8th March 2024, we want to pay tribute here at ROSA CLARÁ to some essential figures in the history of fashion and our own brand: the dressmakers. Together with our patternmakers, they are the main players that bring life to the extraordinary wedding dresses that make our brides look and feel beautiful on their special day. They are the artists who weave, sew, test, and create each garment with great skill, and therefore represent one of the fundamental pillars on which the elegance of our brand is built.

On such a meaningful day, we want to highlight the importance of this noble, long-standing, and traditionally female profession. With this in mind, we have invited some of our in-house dressmakers and patternmakers to be the stars of a touching video testimonial, giving a voice to their stories. These testimonies provide a more intimate look at a trade that transcends generations.

“I became a dressmaker because that’s what my mother did. She started sewing to order, but her goal was to open a dressmaking school. So she decided to sew in the mornings and teach other girls to sew in the afternoons”.
– Rosa Encarna

The words of Rosa Encarna, one of the key figures in our history, are a reminder that access to the world of work for many women was granted through sewing. The early 20th century was not easy for women, as their role was limited to the domestic world. Sewing was an escape route towards economic emancipation, which allowed women to have greater control over their lives. At this time, sewing became a symbol of women’s liberation.

Through this and other testimonies, the video illustrates the heritage that has been passed down from generation to generation, from grandmothers to mothers, and then to daughters. A trade that requires techniques learned through practice; patience, delicacy and perseverance are just some of the qualities needed to be a good dressmaker, alongside the same passion for excellence that is so important to the brand and makes the best dressmakers stand out from the crowd. At ROSA CLARÁ, we are proud to see these qualities in all of our dressmakers and patternmakers.

“What we like most are the early stages of preparing the collection with Rosa. The initial ideas, modifications, and seeing how everything comes together little by little. It allows you to create from scratch, which provides a great sense of freedom”.
– Carmen and Mónica.

With nothing but gratitude for their collaborative spirit and dedication – the same values that define our team – the video, filmed in our Barcelona workshop, represents a celebration of the talent and dedication of all our dressmakers.

What I like most is finishing the final garment after all the work we have put in as a team. That’s the most rewarding thing about our work”. – Reme

We would like to end this tribute by drawing attention to the importance of recognizing and valuing the work of all women, and building a more equitable and fairer world. At ROSA CLARÁ, we are fully aware that without their tireless dedication and talent, we would never have been able to reach the goals that we have achieved. We want to convey our deepest gratitude and appreciation to all women, both within and outside our organisation.

“My advice is to be patient. It’s a very tough profession and you have to put your heart and passion into it. I would like to recognise the dressmakers: the dressmakers who have come before, those who are here today and those yet to come”.
– Rosa Encarna