With party and cocktail outfits, Rosa Clará will dress you for the most special occasions. Decidedly -and just like the wedding dresses- the cocktail dresses in the Rosa Clará Cocktail collection celebrate femininity and elegance, with stylish outfits for women who want a flawless look for formal events, ceremonies, and celebrations.

Rosa Clará cocktail dresses: for day and evening events

We all know what it's like: you're invited to an event, and you're immediately unsure of what to wear. Unless the organizers set a specific dress code for the occasion, the corresponding protocol dictates how you should dress.

So when is the best option a short evening dress? Generally, for formal daytime events, such as a prize giving, an opening ceremony, a baptism, a first communion or a daytime wedding. However, the length of the skirt will be decisive: it's wise to go no shorter than knee length.

Long evening dresses are suitable for daytime, early evening and evening festivities, as in most cultures they are chosen for occasions beginning in the afternoon and stretching into the evening. And they will always be the most suitable for highly ceremonial events.

Cocktail dresses and evening jumpsuits can be worn both day and night, to events that require a certain dress code. However, they should always be glamorous and made of quality materials, such as all the Rosa Clará cocktail range.

Regardless of whether you opt for a short or long dress, getting the accessories right will be the icing on the cake. You should think about what jewellery to wear, your choice of shoe and whether to go for a handbag or clutch...

Wedding guest dresses

Dazzle in Rosa Clará at the next wedding you attend! Rosa Clará Cocktail will always attract glances of admiration. Are you going to be the mother of the bride or groom, and want the perfect dress? Are you looking for the perfect mother of the bride dress to celebrate your daughter's marriage? Are you a bridesmaid? We have in our collection some perfect bridesmaid dresses.

Brand identity in special occasion fashion

The huge variety of Rosa Clará dresses available means that age, taste, and personal style are no barrier to finding that perfect outfit you're looking for.  We create both on-trend and classic looks full of romantic detailing that add a contemporary touch.

Cocktail and evening dresses have a personality all of their own. The perfect combination of style, neckline, and sleeves make a pattern that embodies our fashion skill. And, often, exclusivity comes from handcrafted crystal detailing: Cocktails dresses with beadwork are real works of art, with attractive geometric patterns, multicolour ensembles with shading... You won't be able to resist, especially if you have a big event or are looking for a New Year's Eve outfit to see in the new year.

Our gowns are available in a wide range of colours. Although the classic little black evening dress always features in our range, as the ultimate tool of female seduction (along with the red evening dress), year after year we feature items in more daring shades. We also offer ensembles in a range of timeless shades: the blue evening dress; the home of cobalt blue, navy blue, sky blue and turquoise; following on, the green evening dress.

Meanwhile, monochrome outfits create a magnificent look for women who want to make an impression without being overly extravagant. And pastel-toned evening wear is a favourite among our younger shoppers, as well as midi dresses. For those of you tired of plain dresses, we have a stunning selection of print cocktail dresses. Floral patterns are a perennial favourite at Rosa Clará, and a foolproof choice for spring or summer.

Be a Rosa Clará guest!

What's important is that you dress to reflect your personality and, of course, in keeping with the style of the celebration.

Request an appointment in one of our shops to try our favourite Rosa Clará cocktail dresses. You will be looked after and advised by our expert assistants!

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