Aware of just how important it is for every bride to look truly unique in white on her wedding day, at Rosa Clará we offer a wide variety of wedding dresses in a range of styles that we're sure will include one that will suit you perfectly.

2021 collection

2021 Rosa Clará Couture collection

With stunning architectural vision, Rosa Clará Couture offers haute-couture wedding dresses with a focus on less is more, and gowns that pinpoint the new romantic trend, reflecting exquisite attention to detail in elegant bridal pieces.

2021 Rosa Clará collection

Remaining faithful to the brand's minimalist hallmark, Rosa Clará 2021 proposes a fresh look at the seductive elements of design, accentuating femininity with delicate, on-trend detailing.

2021 Rosa Clará Soft collection

The wedding dresses in the Rosa Clara Soft 2021 collection are defined by their delicate, ethereal style. The collection tempts you to dream of your magical wedding in the heart of nature...

2021 Rosa Clará Boheme collection

The Rosa Clará Boheme 2021 bohemian wedding dress collection may be characterised by an organic spirit, but that doesn't make them any less luxurious. Romance and elegance run through every piece.

2020 Collection

2020 Rosa Clará Couture collection

The new haute couture collection views opulent elegance with distinctly 21st-century eyes, introducing new fabrics and patterns in meticulously designed, stylish avant-garde creations with exclusive finishes.

2020 Rosa Clará collection

Sophistication, classic styling, elegance and quality — the traits that make up the Rosa Clará wedding dress collection have epitomised the brand's intrinsic style ever since it made its first dress. Clean silhouettes, princess gowns, mermaid styling, lace-filled looks ...

2020 Rosa Clará Soft collection

As always, the Rosa Clará Soft line exudes femininity and sensuality. Replete with tulle flaps, bows, lace and beaded embroidery, the Soft line is all about romance while evoking a sense of seduction in the bold cuts and necklines.

2020 Rosa Clará Boheme collection

Rosa Clará strikes a perfect balance between bridal tradition and contemporary design in her Boheme wedding dress line. The gowns in the Boheme collection are designed for free-spirited brides who want to seal their love in a premium-quality outfit that reflects who they truly are.

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Coats and cloaks

Stylish capes, coats and stoles, perfect to wear as haute-couture accessories with our signature wedding dresses. The ideal choice for autumn and winter brides.

Hair ornament

Our bridal hair ornaments and tiaras are true objects of desire, created and produced in our atelier to subtly adorn your hair on your big day.


Shoes created and produced in the Rosa Clará atelier, for discerning brides seeking the perfect accessories to complement their personality.

While our wedding gowns may be in styles that, at first glance, appear to have little in common, what women who choose a Rosa Clará gown all share is a similar idea of what they want to be wearing when they say “I will”. They want exclusive designs made from premium-quality fabrics with flawless finishing. And they indisputably want to look radiant in a gown that beautifully combines bridal fashion and elegance, because they know that style will never be out of vogue. So, are you a #RosaClaraRealBride?

A dress that will stay with you for the rest of your life

Rosa Clará brides look for bridal styling that, no matter how much time passes, will always have been the right choice. A unique gown that will give them a glow of satisfaction when they see how well it suited them and how it encapsulated their own inimitable style. A memory to treasure forever.

A pattern for every preference

Do the people who really know you think you're hopelessly romantic? Do you get emotional when you see cinematic heartfelt declarations of love at the top of the Eiffel Tower or the Empire State Building? In your mind's eye, is your big day like something out of a fairytale in spectacular surroundings? Maybe you find princess-style gowns with their sophisticated contrast between close-fitting bodices and full-volume skirts with layer after layer of tulle absolutely irresistible, or maybe you're drawn to the sharply defined, seductive lines of mermaid-style dresses that cling to every curve of the bride's body like a second skin, evoking the essence of femininity.

If what you're looking for is maximum bridal design sophistication and exclusivity, then Rosa Clará Couture is the place to find it. It's the perfect line for brides who appreciate excellence in every last detail and want to make a statement with every step they take in their dream outfit. You'll absolutely adore the exquisite models in our haute couture collection ...

Do you love classic A-line wedding dresses? If so, it's worth remembering that the A-line silhouette suits most complexions and features strongly in our collections season after season. Our Rosa Clará collection includes a wide selection of outfits that exude femininity and bring classic styling bang up-to-date with chic touches that create a sense of glamour and romance.

Meanwhile, if you're a self-proclaimed minimal bride you're probably also a millennial, a strong believer in the philosophy that 'less is more' and are looking for something in our range of simple wedding dresses. If so, you'll love the fresh, contemporary styling in our Rosa Clará Soft line!

And, if you've chosen a cooler season for your big day — avoiding the busiest time for weddings, christenings and First Communions — you'll find plenty of inspiration in our selection of long sleeve wedding dresses. Conversely, if you'll be taking your vows during the warmer months, our open back wedding dresses are a deeply sensual option that will draw all of the attention to the outfit's rear.

Live the Rosa Clará bridal experience!

If you prefer a subtler, more laid-back style then our boho chic wedding dresses, which burst into bridal fashion a few years ago and are definitely now here to stay, are just the thing. Take a look at our Rosa Clará Boheme line or, if you love the magic of lace wedding dresses with beautiful nature-inspired or geometric flower detailing that exudes exclusivity in every stitch, make an appointment at one of our stores, try on our selection of stunning wedding gowns and let our expert bridal consultants guide you through an unforgettable experience. Let us help you make those dreams come true! Create that look you always wanted for the day you say your vows.