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Antonela Roccuzzo and Rosa Clará. What was it like to design the wedding dresses that went around the world?
10 July 2017

Antonela Roccuzzo and Rosa Clará. What was it like to design the wedding dresses that went around the world?

Hello ladies!

Today we want to talk about a very special topic which we are proud to share with all of you, although you will surely have already heard about it. Rosa Clará has been in charge of designing the wedding dress with which Antonella Roccuzzo said “I do” to FC Barcelona player Lionel Messi.

How did the design of the dresses begin? Antonela together with Rosa Clará had several meetings in the atelier of the designer in Barcelona to decide the style of the dresses, the fabrics, the finishes, the laces, which flattered her figure … they were very connected at all times simply because since Antonela arrived to Spain we have always dressed her for the most special moments and that has made them both have a great relationship. How did Rosa Clara know that she would the designer of her dresses? It was all very natural and is that after so many years of friendship they both know each other very well. As the designer has said it, on one of the many occasions when they met, Antonela said “Rosa, I am getting married! We’ll have to start deciding on the dress”. Rosa Clara immediately went to work to create the two dresses you have been seeing in the press and social networks in recent days.

Both dresses are clearly her style and as you can see in all the photos and videos she looks very comfortable and enjoying her day. That is always the goal! She is a clear example of what we always recommend in all our stores, choose a dress that characterizes you, that you feel comfortable in and that of course embraces your natural beauty even though is not an everyday dress.

From here we want to thank all the team of pattern, cutting and confection that after 200 hours of work have made these two wonders with which we are proud to be able to share with all of you. It has been an exciting journey, full of emotion and much responsibility that we will keep in memory.

And yes, we are still “in the clouds” after so many emotions and thanking the success of the two designs, and that we owe it to you. THANK YOU! Thank you for being there and making us get up every day with passion and knowing that we will dress hundreds of brides around the world.

And by the way! Antonela was not the only one who was dressed by Rosa Clara. We also dressed 13 wedding guests with the new Rosa Clará Cocktail 2018 collection. Among them are Paula and Carla Roccuzzo, sisters of the bride, who opted for a dress in rhinestones and lace in black and nude and a style of rhinestones in black tone, respectively; Patricia Roccuzzo, mother of Antonela, who opted for another design of lace and rhinestones in cobalt; Florencia Messi, wife of Messi’s brother, Rodrigo Messi, who bet on a silk muslin dress in coral and marine; Jorgelina Cardoso, wife of the Argentine player Angel Di Maria, who wore a black silk crepe dress; Christel Castaño, wife of the Argentine player Pablo Zabaleta, who chose a dress of lace and rhinestones in nude tone; Sofía Balbi, wife of FC Barcelona player Luis Suárez, wore a red crepe model, Nuria Cunillera, wife of the soccer player Xavi Hernández, who wore a design of rhinestones in marine and nude; Elena Galera, FC Barcelona player couple Sergio Busquets, wearing a georgette dress and cobalt rhinestones and Romarey Ventura, a couple of Spanish player Jordi Alba, attended with a black crepe and rhinestones dress on the neck.

We left some looks from the guests who chose Rosa Clara for the big occasion:

Sofi Balbi, Luis Suarez’s wife looked very sexy with a red crepe dress with beaded details and a sensual open slit on the side of the skirt. The back is simply stunning! Nuria Cunillera, always so elegant wearing a dress from the new Rosa Clará 2018 collection. Elena Galera looked very flattering wearing a cobalt crepe dress with bateau neckline. We love it! Romarey Ventura, Jordi Alba’s girlfriend, classy and elegant is wearing a black crepe dress with a beaded neckline. The neckline is integrated in the dress, it’s a stunning design!


And this is it for today’s post! Did you like it?