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The romantic wedding of Laura Escanes and Risto Mejide
20 September 2017

The romantic wedding of Laura Escanes and Risto Mejide

Happy Thursday everyone!

Today we start the blog with a wedding that makes us very happy to remember, the wedding of Laura Escanes and Risto Mejide. It was undoubtedly one of the most media-covered weddings of the year and Laura captivated everyone with her two bridal looks. The guests were in suspense until Laura began to walk down the aisle that separated her from her future husband and finally everyone saw Rosa Clara‘s spectacular wedding dress. Only “wows!” were heard.

Laura’s mother also entrusted us with an elegant dress from the Rosa Clará Cocktail 2017 collection made entirely of rhinestones. She had a very important role and looked her best!

For her marriage with Risto Mejide, Laura wore an exclusive design in which more than 150 hours of work were invested; it was very exciting to see in our atelier how one of the most popular wedding dresses in Spain was taking shape little by little! You could feel the emotion in the air! The dress combined a suggestive and delicate hand embroidered French Chantilly lace bodice with a translucent skirt for which 75 meters of silk tulle were used. The bodice had a pronounced V-neck front and back. It was a very sexy, youthful look that suited her perfectly.

The bridesmaids, also dressed by Rosa Clara, each chose a different design in red. They were so happy to see their friend dressed as a beautiful bride! Which one of the 5 designs do you like best? You can find them in the new Rosa Clará 2018 Cocktail collection.

For the party after the wedding, Laura Escanes chose a spectacular boho style design with which surprised everybody again. A feminine and sensual dress that combined a silk muslin pleated skirt with a sexy side opening that displayed a transparent lace bodice was made for the occasion. A look that let her enjoy the festivities to the max!

From here we wish them to live happily ever after!

Happy day to all of you!

Images: Robert Marcillas and HOLA.